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Leighton Academic Press was set up to publish Evolution under the microscope. This is an exclusively scientific, not religious, critique of the theory of evolution. It is a sad reflection of the academic publishing world that, despite the excellent quality of the scientific arguments presented in this book – which have not been refuted in the several years since publication – none of the many academic publishers who were approached was willing to publish it.

Evolution under the microscope

Evolution under the microscope

A scientific critique of the theory of evolution

by David Swift

ISBN 0 9543589 0 2

softback, xii+423 pp

Published 2002

The theory of evolution is the leading explanatory principle of biology. But it is much more than that. Because it relates to our origins it has far wider implications; and this, of course, is why it is still debated well over a century after Darwin. Yet this book is what it claims to be - a critical examination of the science of evolution. The author does not argue from or in defence of what the Bible (or any other religious text) may say on the matter. Neither is it typical 'creation science', for example he accepts that the earth is billions of years old. He also completely agrees with the principle of natural selection, and the possibility that substantial progress, even 'apparent design', could arise through the accumulation (by the operation of natural selection) of a series of advantageous variations. However, David Swift shows convincingly that what we have discovered in the last 50 years of biochemistry presents insurmountable hurdles to the current widely-accepted evolutionary explanation for the complexity of biology at the molecular level.

Debating Darwin

If you are interested in evolution then you may also want to read Debating Darwin (Paternoster, 2009) by Graeme Finlay, Stephen Lloyd, Stephen Pattemore and David Swift, which includes key arguments from Evolution under the microscope.



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